storyboard commercial

Last year in october director Gijs Veerhoek asked me to dray a storyboard for a pitch of the Funx Dixte 1000 television commercial. We only only had a few hours in the evening to make it after my (at the time) extremely busy daytime job and because the pitch had to be presented early next morning.
First we decided the number of drawings and how each drawing would look like. And then it was just a matter of frantically drawing all the frames. Even though I was quite tired after my regular workday this really gave me a boost. It really enjoyed doing this!

Well, unfortunately our efforts didn’t make it.
This is the commercial that did get made. It is up to you to decide …



Yesterday I went to the Dutch Mountain Film Festival in Heerlen. One of the side attractions was the climbing cartoon exposition. Well know (climbing) cartoonist, and one of the two organisors of the festival Toon Tejohaas invited me to send in a few cartoons. It turned out pretty nice I think although I have to laugh about the accompanying text: ‘drawn in a masterly fashion’, hehe.
I liked the festival a lot, I met some people I haven’t seen for almost two decades, watched a couple of cool climbing movies and met fellow climbing cartoonist Anne-Lise Combeaud.


Alter ego

This is a really old one. I must have made it somewhere around 1999.  I like to put more old stuff online but translating them into English is quite some work. This one is an exception however. I already used a computer font for the texts in the Dutch version, which makes them easy replaceable in the graphics editor and there is no need to translate the title.